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חדשות ומבצעים בתאי פארדייז, ניתן לשנות טקסט זה דרך ממשק הניהול

התקן פלאש לא נמצא

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Don’t show disrespect towards the Royal Family

The Thais love their King, and it is not only offensive to the Thai, but also against the law to demonstrate a lack a respect for the King or the Royal Family.

Do not mock the Lady Boys

Remember that they are strong men for everything.

Don’t raise your voice when you get upset

Thais prefer to speak softly, and disagreements are settled respectfully in low tones.

Do not ride a motorcycle without a helmet

both in terms of safety and Thai law enforcement .

Over stay in Thailnad ?

If you have about 24 hrs overstay - you will not get fined. But then,any deviation more than 1 day equal to 500 baht per day and so on. Maximum fine of 30,000 baht and equals to $ 1,000. Concerning the times and hours in Thailand - Thailand is a marvelous place with a different culture than we know.Time is only a "recommendation"so pls understand trips pick up delays which can range from 10 minutes to half an hour. Each of our tour destinations characterized differently such as Northern Thailand quiet, beautiful canyons and less crowdy,usually mild weather,nice cool mountain breeze in the evening time and a relaxed atmosphere. Bangkok on the other hand is noisy,air pollution and high humidity,lots of traffic jams,shopping malls overloaded with visitors and atmosphere of constatly race after the living. Regards the islands:each island is characterized by different things therefore it is important for us to know what each island offers to the visitors so we can choose the most appropriate destinations for us.

Don`t climb,lean on Buddha statues

or do other things that can be interpreted as an expression of contempt for the Buddhist religion, it can cause trouble.

Do tip

Most Thais are depending on tips. They mostly get the basic salary + tips. So if you are satisfied with the service, leave at least 20 – 50 baht or more; 10% of your bill would be a good amount of tip for the staff.

Put a smile on your face

Thailand is the land of smiling people and don't forget that you are visiting their country.

Do not use or buy drugs

It is very important not to use or buy drugs.Thailand`s drug enforcement is a serious issue and put this case is guaranteed to jail !

Don’t touch a Thai person’s head

or ruffle their hair...This is considered particularly offensive in Thai culture.

Don’t sunbathe nude

While the nightlife demonstrates Thai tolerance, the traditional Thai culture frowns on nude sunbathing.

Do negotiate

You have a good chance to get things cheaper than the original offer - especially before you take a TukTuk. You may end up getting charged a fortune if you don't do it first.

Do Try street food...

Thai cuisine is one of the most sophisticated cuisines in the world. Surely you'll find something that amazes you.

Do take your shoes off

When entering most houses, all temples and even some shops. So if you see a bunch of shoes outside, leave yours too.

התקן פלאש לא נמצא