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חדשות ומבצעים בתאי פארדייז, ניתן לשנות טקסט זה דרך ממשק הניהול

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ThaiParadise-Thailand`s regions and wonders on a silver platter!

Individual personal service - a wide trip !

Agents and Staff of Thai Paradise signed Charter Service gives travelers high standards of service and unmatched reliability under one roof . With us you can make hotel bookings all over Thailand ,Laos and neighbouring countries,organized tours and private tours in northern Thailand, the southern islands , Bangkok and surrounding areas.
Thai Paradise team will assist you to fit most attractive trip out of variety options such as Adventure Jeep tours in northern Thailand,excursions,private tours ,booking domestic flights, international flights ,airport and hotels transfers and more.
Thai Paradise will be addressed in few languages 24 hours around the clock.
Maintaining attractive prices any time .

 Thai Paradise is a large company with "small prices" provides personalized boutique level customer service and affordable for every pocket .

Service and reliability that give travelers a comprehensive package that would constitute a "shopping cart "of the trip with discounted prices and payment terms without competition.

Close monitoring and training tips.

Contact us is through our Contact us in English,Thai,and hebrew languages by our well trained team. We supply travelers accompanying from the moment of engagement to the level of orders, during your trip until the time of your return back home.

ThaiParadise have direct contracts with many major hotels everywhere -enabling travelers to get particulary attractive and cheap hotel rates.

Thai Paradise - speaking from experience.

ThaiParadise team can proudly say "We were all places our travelers will hike soon! "Hotels we work with were and still are visited once a few months by a team of our agents in order to check the quality of the hotels for you. We chose hotels hosted tens of thousands of our customers,from couples,singles, families and tour groups that were returned with positive feedback regarding the service,rooms, breakfast,massage service and other pampering they received during theur staying at each hotel. 

Cancellation conditions very affordable way and fair 

We do not charge a cancellation fee in case of cancellation(before arrival the north )of the jeep tours, organized day trips or any other attraction in northern Thailand for any reason.

We do not charge a cancellation fee of Canopy Adventure tours in case of cancellation before arrival Chiang Mai.

When you book directly with us through our website, you not only enjoy the security of knowing you are communicating directly with us,ThaiParadise,ONE of the well orgenized and big local tour company,but there are also added benefits to consider.

Guaranteed Best Rates

Take advantage of our direct packages and special offers

Custom Reservation

No extra booking fees

Be confident. We make every effort to ensure your online booking experience is easy, secure, and reliable. This is our most preferred way to receive and process your reservations.

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